APP Packages

Managing APP Packages

APPs can be distributed as packages. The package management interface allows for the packaging of APPs that a developer has access to.

  1. Creating APP Package
  2. Adding an APP Package
  3. Installing an APP Package
  4. Removing an APP Package

Creating APP Package

  • Right click on the Home item in the navigation panel.
  • Select "Create Package" from the menu to display package export dialog.
  • Select the APPs you wish to export, you also select the dependencies from the Library that the APPs may need.
  • Once Exported, you'll be prompted to download the zip file that represents the package.
  • This package may now be distributed to other APPYnotebook installations whether as free downloads or sold.

Adding an APP Package

  • Right click the Packages item and select Add package.
  • Select the package you wish to add to the system.
  • Once added to the system the package would be listed under
  • Packages

Installing an APP Package

  • Click on the package under Packages to open package view.
  • Select the APPs you wish to install and these will be installed into the dev environment under the select taxonomy category and also deployed to production.

Removing an APP Package

  • Right Click on the package under Packages and select delete.